The Godling: A Novel of Masalay by CK Collins

I got this book as free download and would say thankyou to the author for such a generous gift.

The novel is set  in Masalay - a perfect tropical vacation destination - until the central character, Callie finds herself stranded in the remote and war-torn north. She is drawn to Rika and becomes pregnant meanwhile Rika goes missing. As Callie struggles to find her way out of her dilemmas, a frail librarian in the holy city of Liashe receives a mysterious letter and begins to see the importance of a new baby's birth. There are lots of details of the storyline on the amazon bookpage for this novel which apparently is  the debut novel from author CK Collins and there is supporting material on a web-page.

How I sold one million ebooks in five months by John Locke

I got this when we started our self publishing enterprise and there were some good hints and tips in it. I think it would be more use to an author who was writing quantity rather than someone like my husband who has taken years to write his one novel "Magnificent Britain". It is an entertaining read as well and I love his up-beat, get out there and do it style. He sticks up two fingers to the publishing establishment and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is starting out in self publishing. No doubt this book will make him his second million.


The Bridge Builder of Arta by Neil Coghlan

The writer takes us to a small park near the workplace of Benjamin McAuley, the main character. Benjamin  finds two mysterious statues that appear to defy the laws of nature. When he learns of the bizarre centuries-old legend behind the statues and of the man who built them, Benjamin is determined to investigate further.

Only the Innocent by Rachel Abbott

I read an article in a newspaper a couple of weeks ago referring to this book so I thought I would download it and give it a go. The article was critical of the standard of editing in the book and to some extent this is justified. However for only £1.99 I think I am prepared to put up with a few typos, wrongly placed commas and the odd spelling mistake if the story is good. And "Only the Innocent" is a good story. It's a murder whodunit with a plausible plot and some interesting twists and turns on the way. The characters are quite well developed and I became sympathetic to the central female character early on. The Detective is interesting and I'm sure we will meet him again in a future novel. Although some of the content is on the dark side, the novel overall is very easy to read and the pages almost turn themselves because you want to know how it will all be resolved in the end.

Ethics by Roy Le Coeur

This is a very quick read - barely ten minutes.
It started well and a strong dislike for the smug, self-satisfied main character is quickly established.
I think the story needs more development to be a really satisfying read although the writer clearly demonstrates the ability to tell a tale.

The Bumble's End by Jimmy Bain and Barbara Scott-Emmett

I read this as a free download and enjoyed it immensely.
It is a light, easy to read crime thriller with a variety of quirky characters and a fast moving plot.
It is a dialogue driven novel which is consequently lively and entertaining.
The protagonist is highly engaging and the plot is full of twists and turns with a good ending.
There is a strong 'Scots' element to the voice of the story which gives it originality and energy.
In places it is very funny and overall I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good, escapist read.