The Godling: A Novel of Masalay by CK Collins

I got this book as free download and would say thankyou to the author for such a generous gift.

The novel is set  in Masalay - a perfect tropical vacation destination - until the central character, Callie finds herself stranded in the remote and war-torn north. She is drawn to Rika and becomes pregnant meanwhile Rika goes missing. As Callie struggles to find her way out of her dilemmas, a frail librarian in the holy city of Liashe receives a mysterious letter and begins to see the importance of a new baby's birth. There are lots of details of the storyline on the amazon bookpage for this novel which apparently is  the debut novel from author CK Collins and there is supporting material on a web-page.

I must confess I did not find this an easy novel to get into and in fact nearly 20% into it I almost gave up but I am so glad I stayed with it. It is a fantastic story and really well written. It is well crafted, presenting parallel stories that come together in a powerful and moving climax.The characterisation is excellent with particularly strong voices for Callie and Ephraim. The exploration of conflicting cultures is stimulating and thought provoking. Having said that, it is an accessible and very readable novel once you get into it. I highly recommend this novel and wish it a wide readership.