short stories

I have been reading short stories this weekend all downloaded for free. There is a great opportunity for short story writers who publish for Kindle not only to showcase their ability with this form of writing but also to allow new readers to discover their work and sample it without having to commit to a full scale novel.

Rusty Pipes - My Love/Hate Relationship with my Red Hair

I enjoyed reading this short story which is more like a short memoir of the author's relationship with her hair colour throughout her life. It takes a chronological journey from her childhood to the present day and shares her experiences of prejudice and differences. She has a very down to earth style and a positive take on life. A quick and easy read that is light hearted and amusing with one or two surprises.

Choose Your Future by Stephen Livingston

According to the Amazon author pages, the writer is an award winning short story writer and if this example of his work is typical then the awards are well merited. 'Choose Your Future' is set in a night-club and although I have never attended a club where the music was so loud that the floor felt like a minor earthquake, I was nonetheless quickly drawn into the setting. The protagonist is overwhelmed by the atmosphere and goes to take some time out. By a strange alchemy he finds himself presented with alternatives for the future. Succinctly detailed with precision and clarity Livingston presents choices for the future which should resonate with us all. I was impressed by the quality of the writing and will definitely be looking out for some more by this author.

My Father Loves by RG Rankine

I really don't know if this is a true story or not. It reads like a memoir and has the intimacy of someone writing into their private journal. If it is a fiction, then the writer has a really good ability to empathise and describe feelings and emotions. Philip is the oldest son of an aging father who makes unexpected disclosures that reverberate amongst all his children. Philip tells the story of what happens next and the impact not only on his father but also himself. I enjoyed reading 'My Father Loves' and shall probably look for something else by this author too.

Broken by Cath Bore

'Broken' by Cath Bore is a collection of three short crime stories featuring in a minor role a D.S Constance Ward. As the author's details on Amazon tell us that a debut crime novel is almost complete, is this our first introduction to a new female detective sergeant? With an M.A in Creative Writing from Liverpool John Moore's, Cath Bore has placed two of the stories firmly in the city centre. Each of the three short stories are completely different and I thought each was really good particularly 'Say It With Flowers'. There is a twist in each story which really works well and the writer shows the ability to create a full and detailed picture within the constraints of a few pages. The stories are very readable and leave you looking for more. I shall certainly want to read her debut crime novel when it is published.