Time & Again by Nick Gilbert

I read Time & Again earlier in the month but have posted my review again to give a context to to-day's interview with Nick Gilbert.

I downloaded the book as a freebie and was really impressed by the quality of the writing. The novel is an original take on a simple love story which is also a story about memory and imagination.

It tells the story of a man who meets a woman - Leah - and falls in love but after a while she leaves him for someone else and all he has left are his memories. He has some photographs which tell the story of their time together but when they go missing he sets about looking for clues to help him reassemble the past.

The characters develop well as the story unfolds and your interest is sustained right through to the end. It is a very emotional novel and you really start to feel involved with the protagonist and understand his feelings towards Leah and share his highs and lows. Leah is completely the love of his life and right from the start of the novel you feel the intensity of his emotions. When it starts to get obvious that Leah is leaving you really feel sorry for him.

The writing has a beautiful clarity and as images form in your mind of the various places and experiences that are described it is like looking at the photographs that are being taken and re-created throughout the novel.  

The novel is very readable and is well presented. I read it in just two sessions and thoroughly enjoyed it.