short stories

There seems to be an explosion of short story writing in the Kindle Store. I have looked at short stories written by indie-authors who specialise in that form; short stories written by indie-authors to introduce their writing to a new audience; and short stories written as a taster to a new novel, character or series.

Flash Fiction

By chance I downloaded two free ebooks the other day which were both described as flash fiction. Being unfamiliar with the concept although guessing that it was to do with short stories I checked it out. Definitions vary and alternative names include micro-story, postcard fiction and short, short story.


I had never heard of fanfiction until I came across the concept when I was reading articles in The Guardian about Fifty Shades of Grey. I looked it up and found a whole new world of self-published writing.

Review: Fifty Shades of Grey E.L James

Amazon were selling Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James last weekend for only £2.10 so I thought I would download it and see what all the fuss was about. Half a dozen mentions in The Guardian and a Newsnight interview for the author must count as fuss by anyone's standards for a novel which apparently started life in the world of fan-fiction.

Interview: RG Rankine author My Father Loves

I downloaded My Father Loves by RG Rankine the other day as a freebie and was so impressed by it that I got The Silent Spaces as well. I thought this was an excellent short story - really well written and very thought provoking.  I was really pleased when contacted by RG Rankine to do an author interview and would highly recommend his writing to anyone who enjoys a good short story.

Why did you write My Father Loves?

Two years ago I decided to take a couple of weeks off work and go through all of my notes and scribbles that I had made since a kid and get them in some sort of order as I was determined to finally start writing (I’d been talking a good fight since I was around 15…) I kept anything I felt worthwhile and interesting and threw away the rest.