Review | The Godling | CK Collins

I read this novel a few months ago but read it again recently and enjoyed it even more than I did the first time. I was really pleased when author CK Collins agreed to an author interview (see below).
The Godling: A Novel of Masalay is a well crafted and highly readable novel which presents two stories that gradually come together in a powerful and moving climax. The Godling is a fantastic story that is beautifully written; an absorbing, multi-layered, page-turning novel which is hard to put down with a supporting web-site that enhances and extends the reading experience.
Callie is a young, down-to-earth American woman from a tough background. Drawn to Masalay and a passionate relationship with Rika, she becomes pregnant and is waiting for the birth of her child. Meanwhile in the city of Liashe, religious academics are uncovering extraordinary aspects of their ancient heritage and starting to search for the mother of a yet to be born Godling. The novel has elements of the spiritual, of fantasy, of historical and of the romantic. The exploration of conflicting cultures is stimulating and thought provoking; the descriptive writing is detailed and imaginative but not overdone; the characterisation is strong. Writer CK Collins has created a cast of singular and fascinating characters into whose complex lives you are subtly drawn. Callie and Ephraim, the Masalayan boy who helps her, have particularly strong voices and their unconventional friendship is emotional and poignant. This is an unusual and original novel and it takes a while to become accustomed to some of the aspects of Masalayan life. Masalay itself is an amazing place and is as much a character in the novel as any of the people.