Review | Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry | GP Grewal

A few weeks ago I read Nihilist 5.0 by this author and found it made interesting reading so when I saw Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry available for free I didn't hesitate to download it. Although similar in tone and content to Nihilist 5.0 I thought this was a much better book: the story was more controlled, the characterisation more rounded and the writing style more focussed and precise. The novel is once again set in L.A and the protagonist is a "20-something nerd named Leonard" who has an interest in making his fantasy life a reality. However unlike Nihilist 5.0, this fantasy life doesn't overwhelm the novel and it is written about in a lively and often very funny style. The novel explores the dark and depressing side of life but Leonard is an endearing character despite his excessive need to indulge his sexual fantasies as he yearns for romance and true love. Subsidiary characters are well developed and although they are in the novel for a serious purpose, at times they are hilarious. Some of the name-calling may cause offense but what appears at times to challenge political correctness is, I think, being used to make points about society at large. The author is cynical about contemporary life and its effect on the mass of the population but this novel is less bleak than Nihilist 5.0 and might even be pointing towards a happier ending than that experienced by Frank. Overall Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry is well written, entertaining, provocative and relevant. I enjoyed reading this ebook and having now had two of GP Grewal's novels as freebies decided to complete the set and pay for the third one.