Review | The One You Love | Paul Pilkington

I got The One You Love by Paul Pilkington as a free download and at the time of writing it's sales ranking is #6 free in the Kindle Store and the blurb says it was number one for a full month in 2011 with over one million downloads. It's got 282 customer reviews and they go on for pages and pages. Overall it gets 3.5 stars and loads of terrible one star reviews as well as plenty of good reviews too.

I wondered why so many readers loved it and probably even more seemed to loathe it. There was a clue in the blurb which said that this was a new edition which had been professionally copy-edited and scanning quickly through the one star reviews, the complaints were mostly to do with spelling and punctuation; although there appeared to be a serious plot failure too.

Well I am pleased to say that the presentation - spelling, punctuation, typos, formatting - was good enough and the plot error had vanished; what I read was a well constructed, entertaining suspense mystery with elements of romance that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Emma Holden is an aspiring actress whose fiancé vanishes just before the wedding leaving his brother battered and bloody on her bathroom floor. She has had a stalker in the past and it looks like she's got one still while her family are keeping secrets from her which Emma must unravel if she wants to see her fiancé alive again.

I found The One You Love to be a fast moving, generally plausible, page -turning novel that was easy and quick to read but one that kept my interest right up to the end.