Review | Perfect Crime | Jack Erikson

I got Perfect Crime by Jack Erikson as a free download; it is a quick and easy read and has a very mixed set of reviews on Amazon. I'm with those who liked the book because although there are elements of implausibility in the ending, the characterisation of the female protagonist is really interesting. She is a woman who has been cheated on by her husband and she plans the perfect crime to exact her revenge. Her background is in engineering and she brings the same clinical detachment to her revenge project as she would to any project at work. I don't know if her revenge strategy really is plausible but it worked for me and I was persuaded that she managed to implement it as intended. So long as you don't take it too seriously (and who would?) this is a good read. The author includes two samples of other titles at the end of Perfect Crime and they both seemed to be similarly easy-reading crime thrillers which looked as though they would be worth a look so I downloaded Missing Persons for the special offer price of just £0.42p.