The Settling by Alison Quick

I first read The Settling by Alison Quick in July 2012 but am publishing my review again in case you missed it first time round.

The Settling is a mystery story with a romance emerging as the story develops. It just might make you feel slightly uneasy if you live in an old house which needs renovating. The main character is Emma, a college lecturer who leaves London for a rural idyll and an ambitious plan to renovate a very large, very old, very dilapidated house she has fallen in love with but basically she hasn't a clue. Fortunately she meets Martin, local carpenter, handy-man and general good guy who gets the house under some sort of control for her.

The house has a history and as Emma gets more involved in the village the history is revealed. Overall, The Settling is a well presented, easy to read story which keeps your interest through to the end even though Jim Gibson, the churchyard gardener and custodian of village history, knows rather more details of the past than his granny could possibly have told him. How much the effects on Emma of his storytelling are real and how much the product of her over-active imagination, you'll have to decide for yourself. A quick and easy read, The Settling would be ideal for the beach or a long delay at Heathrow.

You can find details of The Settling on Alison Quick's Amazon Author Page.

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