Review | Sloth (The Seven Deadly Sins) | AS Anand

Sloth by AS Anand is a collection of seven flash fiction stories and is one of a series themed around The Seven Deadly Sins. I got this as a free download, read it quickly and enjoyed it so much immediately downloaded another (Pride) in the same series.

Each story is self-contained and quite different and separate from the others. A liberal blogger, a man with a curious addiction, a couple trying to re-kindle their love life are some of the characters introduced. The writing styles vary but each story is well written. Concise, precise, with the clarity of a pane of glass, AS Anand gives you the story, the thoughts, the emotions in short, intense bursts. I particularly liked "Hair of the Dog" and "The Glasshouse Liberal".

I discovered Flash Fiction a few months ago and have already read two really good collections which I wrote about previously. I think AS Anand has a good command of this way of writing too; there is nothing superfluous in his style and in a few short pages you get a well constructed and completely formulated story.

I realised that I had downloaded his full length novel 2032 - An Experimental Post-Apocalyptic Novel some while ago and never got round to reading it so I've moved it up my "waiting to be read" list and will be interested to see if the quality of the writing is sustained in a larger work.