Review | The Amber Heart | Catherine Czerkawska

The Amber Heart is a love story in an historical setting. Maryanne and Piotro are the star-crossed lovers who are kept apart by wealth (or lack of it), social class and convention. The novel spans their entire lives and you find yourself drawn into their world, sharing their emotions, passions and frustrations.

The historical setting is Poland in the nineteenth century and there is sufficient detail, based on the author's personal researches into her own heritage, to make the story interesting and to create an unusual background without turning into a history textbook.

The writing is clear and direct and the entire book is well presented. The author has skilfully and plausibly presented the dilemmas faced by the two main characters and she has the ability to sustain this throughout this substantial novel. The supporting characters are developed well and dialogue is naturalistic and convincing. All the loose ends are competently tied up by the end of the story and there is a good sense of satisfaction as you finish the book that everything has been resolved.

An excellent holiday read or for any other time you want to loose yourself in a good book.