Review | I Know You Will Find Me | David Harris Wilson

I have already read and enjoyed Tales of Johan by David Harris Wilson and although it is a very different type of novel I have enjoyed reading I Know You Will Find Me as well. The story-line is familiar: there has been a pandemic and society is falling apart. The protagonist, biology teacher Peter, has lost track of his son and in the process of searching for him acquires a surrogate family. There are however some unexpected twists in the tale which moves along at a good pace with some tense, breath-holding moments. I liked Peter, the teacher, and his attempts to explain the pandemic and the situation, anticipate the future and explain away his actions. As a teacher he seemed real; as a survivor (like most of us I suspect) he struggles. The supportive cast are well written with sufficient detail to make the novel interesting but this is overwhelmingly Peter's story. As you read you share his confusion, his worries, his hopes and his desolation; by the end of the novel you feel you know him well and you really hope that somehow everything will turn out alright for him. I thought I Know You Will Find Me was a real page-turner and it would make a great holiday read.