Review | Deadly Addiction | Kristine Cayne

I read Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne several months ago and enjoyed reading it. A second novel is Deadly Addiction and I thought it was even better than Deadly Obsession. The two novels are linked because peripheral characters in one become central characters in the other and vice versa.

Once again this is a romantic love story and a suspense thriller where a series of obstacles come in the way of true love; but what makes this a really interesting novel is the setting and context for the story. I will hold up my hands and say I know very little about the true history of the native peoples of North America apart from the stereotypes promoted in the films of my childhood and I know probably even less about the real life, contemporary issues affecting those peoples today. I felt that what I was reading was either the authentic experience of the author or very well researched and by the end of the novel I was much more aware of what life must be like on the "rez" and the attitudes and experiences of the inhabitants. In addition there is an interesting exploration of mixed-race, dual heritage issues which I thought was sensitively handled and developed.

The writing style is accessible and straightforward and the novel is well presented. The plot is well constructed and moves along with good pace to a dramatic and nail-biting conclusion. The characters are full and engaging and the author has made both of the protagonists into people you are concerned about and want to know how they will resolve their difficulties and how their relationship will turn out. The supporting cast is various and each is well developed too. There are some sexy, sizzling scenes in the book but the writer doesn't stray into erotica and uses the steamy aspects of the emerging relationship between the main characters to drive the plot forward.

It took me the best part of a week to read this novel because my reading time was somewhat curtailed but in normal circumstances it would have been read in a couple of sessions because this is one of those novels you can't put down. A really good read and I am definitely looking out for another novel by this author.