Review | Woodhill Wood | David Harris Wilson

I enjoyed reading Tales of Johan and I Know You Will Find Me by David Harris Wilson and as he so kindly agreed to undertake an interview for Indie Bookworm last week, I thought I would read another novel written by him.

Woodhill Wood is a strange story of adolescent confusion, serial killings and an ever present woodland landscape that seems to dominate the neighbourhood. The main character is Matt Duff who has an alter ego in the form of Gurde and an increasingly unravelling family life. This is primarily his story and it takes some getting into; at first the juxtaposition of Matt and Gurde is confusing but eventually when you get into the character, the rest of the story falls into place.

Matt / Gurde's  parents are selfish and obnoxious and some of the best writing in the book is when they are sniping at each other and rowing. Woodhill Wood feels sinister and oppressive and there is a pervading sense of unease throughout the novel in relation to it; however it is the serial killer who brings the novel to a rather abrupt conclusion leaving the reader puzzling over who exactly did what to whom and why and whether or not Matt needs some serious psychiatric help.

Overall I enjoyed reading this novel although I preferred Mr Wilson's other novels. I have already got Whole Lotta Love by this author on my Kindle waiting to be read and am looking out for his next novel when it is published as well.