Interview | A.L. Cooper | Author of Twisted Knickers

I wrote a blog post about Twisted Knickers a few weeks ago and am delighted today to post an interview with its author A.L. Cooper. Many thanks for answering my interview questions A.L. and good luck with your future publications.


Why did you write Twisted Knickers?

I wrote Twisted Knickers a few years ago, when I took a year off from my teaching job. My children were young and both at school and I’d always wanted to write a book. I’d heard a funny story about a lady who made a living on sex chat lines and I thought it would make a really original, fun character. Once I started writing I lost myself in that little fantasy world and was hooked.

What kind of reader would enjoy Twisted Knickers?

When I wrote it, I really had my girlfriends in mind, so anyone like them should enjoy my story. They are a diverse bunch but all fun, intelligent, open minded ladies who have great strength and independence. They range from what I call ‘glossy’ ladies, to bookish types, to new age hippy chicks.

How did you develop your characters?

I love people and so many of my friends and family are desperate to know if any of the characters in the story are based on them. I would say that I pull out aspects of real life in everything I write. Certainly the less desirable characters have qualities I see more in the people I don’t hang out with.  Possibly, I pick out characteristics of my own too – the good bits as well as those I like less about myself.

Why did you decide to publish Twisted Knickers yourself?

When I wrote it, there was no such thing as free self-pub or Amazon. I tried a few agents but, whilst I did get some positive and encouraging feedback, it was no go for what they called the ‘mass market.’ I suspect that this had to do with the risque nature of the story and I still get this message now, despite the success of Fifty Shades.

There is still a call for authors to fit into a cast-in-stone genre heading in that big filing cabinet up there in the lofty heights of the publishing world. Even though many people are set in their ways in terms of reading tastes, I believe this is changing because of the exploding market of digital books.

Now I have mixed feelings about the idea of getting a publishing deal. My ego says ‘yes’ but my pocket doesn’t want to share with agents, publishers, marketers and big multi-stores.

Are you working on any new writing at the moment?

Yes – I am currently working on a sequel to Twisted Knickers which I hope, perhaps rather ambitiously, to launch before Christmas.
In addition to this I have started a guide for parents to help their children succeed in Primary School, as well as a short book about the benefits of being a dog owner.
My biggest project is on hold at the moment – it is a touching young adult story with plenty of food for thought.  I’m scared of it because I want this one to be absolutely beautiful.

Link to Twisted Knickers bookpage on Amazon U.K