Review | The 24 Hour Jazz Café | Jamie Sinclair

I came across The 24 Hour Jazz Café on an Amazon "Meet Our Authors" thread when I was doing a free promotion for Julia's Room.

The 24 Hour Jazz Café was free at the same time so I downloaded it and its been in my Waiting To Be Read Folder ever since.

The 24 Hour Jazz Café is categorised on Amazon as crime / thriller / mystery but I think it should also be in political fiction because one of the best aspects of the book is its exploration of small town civic corruption. Don't know if any of this story is true but it certainly reads as though it is. It's interesting in the way it looks at some big issues related to power and control on a parochial scale.

Having said that, it's a very well written crime / thriller / mystery with a clear and direct style of writing that grabs your attention right from the start. It's difficult to write about crime thrillers without giving anything away but this one really works.

The plot is completely plausible including the depraved excesses of the local big-wigs. It moves along at a good pace with lots of action but also periodic moments of reflection which gives you time to catch up and keep up with the fast moving developments of the plot. There are lots of details in the scenes: local people and places, jazz music, police procedures, the seamier side of life which keep the novel interesting right the way through to the end.

The characterisation is excellent. You feel as though you are getting to know these people and you become completely drawn into their lives. The relationship between the main protagonists Mitch, Rupert and the love of their lives, the deceased Emily, is poignant and well explored.  There is a rich cast of supporting characters: for some you feel sympathy and others are downright awful - greedy, selfish, depraved and with a shocking contempt for other people and their local community.

The ending of the novel is cleverly written and works really well. Definitely a 5 star book and well worth reading. I was so impressed by this writing that I immediately downloaded another title by Jamie Sinclair (Playground Cool only £0.77p) and am looking forward to reading it in due course.