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One of the best things about ebooks is their endurance. Unlike trad. published books with a limited book-shop-shelf-life, they don't disappear. While browsing for new books in the Kindle Store recently I stumbled over Twisted Knickers by A. L. Cooper that I read and reviewed some while ago. It's now accumulated twenty five, very well deserved, predominantly four and five star reviews  and I remembered how much I'd enjoyed reading it.

I downloaded Twisted Knickers as a freebie when I noticed it was doing really well on the Kindle Free Bestsellers and because its catchy title caught my eye. Anything with "knickers" in the title always make me think of 1950's seaside postcards but I suspect that this and the promise in the blurb of a sultry voiced, chat-line hostess talking dirty was intended to raise a sexual frisson. Certainly there are some sexy scenes in the book but they don't cross over into erotica.

Christie Robinson is a thirty-something, single mum who is trying to earn a living as a telephone sex-worker while bringing up her family and dealing with the demands of her ex, her friends and her social life. She works for an agency but has plans to branch out on her own and when she does her new business plan is hilarious.

Overall I suppose this is a novel about relationships and Twisted Knickers has got the lot: a cheating ex; a doting toy-boy; a besotted old flame who wants to re-kindle; a relatively benign stalker and a group of friends who each deserve a novel in their own right.

Twisted Knickers is well written and well presented; it moves along at a good pace with lots of scene changes and variety. It's a light-hearted, easy-reading novel that is thoroughly enjoyable and would make a great holiday read.

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