Three Shorts

Fifty Shades of Red Riding Hood by R.R Hood

I got this as a freebie at the weekend as it went shooting up the Free Bestsellers Top 100. It's a short story of just 6500 words so a quick and easy read. There have been innumerable spoofs of Fifty Shades of Grey most of which I have ignored but this one caught my eye as it seemed the daftest of the lot. It purports to be a parody and in places it was very funny and takes the sex fantasy aspects of the original to ridiculous but occasionally hilarious lengths. The book ends with a serious message however which I was glad to see placed there.

Penthouse Man by Kea Noli

This is more of a novella than a short story. The book has a plot of family and business intrigue, duplicity, jealousy and greed. Two sisters disagree over the future direction of their lingerie business and they're both in love with the same man. The plot moves along quickly although you don't get a great deal of insight into what makes the protagonists tick. This is because the novella is predominantly written in dialogue. Therefore you get the pace and reality of the situation but not much depth. At times the dialogue is so real that it feels as though you are in the room when two or more of the characters are arguing with each other. This book could almost be a stage play or TV drama and I think it would work well as either. You have to work quite hard when you're reading this novella to fill in some of the details and not everyone will like reading so much dialogue. I like reading play scripts so I enjoyed reading this book.

London, The Doggy and Me by Rosen Trevithick

This is a short story of about 15000 words and is a quick and easy, light-hearted read. Steph is an aspiring actress who needs to stay in London to go to an audition and being short of cash is glad to have free board and lodgings in return for dog-sitting at the home of her mother's friend. All seems to be going well until the unfortunate demise of the dog and what happens next is both ridiculous and hilarious. Very well written with a laugh on almost every page, London, The Doggy and Me is great fun and a thoroughly enjoyable read.