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Review | Death of the Author | Matt Rubinstein

The blurb on the Amazon book-page tells you everything you need to know about Death of the Author by Matt Rubinstein.

  • serial killers
  • thriller
  • literary theory
  • writers' festival
  • gruesome
  • homage
  • rumours
  • prey
  • darkness
  • pastiche
  • gore
  • dark humour
  • metadiscourse

If you enjoy reading gory, detailed murder thrillers this book has got the lot. As the blurb explains Death of the Author interweaves a search for a serial killer with chapters from each of the books written by the authors who fall victim to "The Reader".

Rachel Stern is a talented Multiple Homicide Writer and it's her search for "The Reader" accompanied by Police Investigator Caitlin Archer which is at the core of the book. The novel is set in Adelaide which appears to have a propensity for multiple homicides and it is at the Adelaide fiction festival for writers in the genre where the murders take place.

I thought the plot was clever and I really liked the juxtaposition of the main story with the cutaways to the featured novelists. Much as I enjoyed reading this novel for the plot and story-line, the writing style made it a particularly good read. The style is clear and crisp, full of variety and sharp descriptive passages. It's not a quick and easy read but it's well worth investing the time to read it.

I've only one negative comment to make and that's that the links for the Table of Contents don't seem to work: which is a pity because when I started reading it I needed to go back a couple of times to check things out and had to flick through the whole book to get where I wanted to be. Oh! Just like a tree-book.

Overall Death of the Author is a very well written, highly readable serial killer thriller with much more than a literary "twist". Highly recommended.

Link to the author's page on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com with details of the book.

December 14th Update

Through the wonders of tweeting, the author let me know that the Table of Contents issue had been sorted out in future downloads. Viva kindle!

How to Get Started on Twitter Your Five-Day Twitter Action Plan | Andrew Knowles

Usually I write comments and reviews about fiction ebooks but I do download non-fiction from time to time. How to Get Started on Twitter Your Five-Day Twitter Action Plan by Andrew Knowles is too good not to mention.

I've looked at Twitter on several occasions and could make no sense of it whatsoever. Everything I was reading about book promotion was telling me that Twitter was the bees' knees. But I just didn't get it. And then I saw as a free download on the Kindle Your Five-Day Twitter Action Plan. Well that looked like there was nothing to loose so I downloaded it and had a quick look through. It seemed to take a sensible approach so I decided to put it into action. It took me six days actually but if you check out my link https://twitter.com/spurwing_ you'll see that this book works.

Yes, the book really does do what it says it will. If, like me, you haven't got a clue with Twitter this book will make it happen for you. I totally 100% recommend this book. If you or your granny or anyone else you know wants to get started with Twitter and are motivated to try, if you follow the Five-Day programme I'm sure you will be able to do it. My motivation was for book promotional purposes but in fact it is really good fun and I look forward to the time I spend checking things out on the Twitter web-site. You have to be careful as you can find yourself spending too much time on it. I really recommend Your Five-Day Twitter Action Plan by Andrew Knowles if you want to get started on Twitter. And if you do decide to get tweeting, please follow me @spurwing_  (don't miss out the underscore  _ though).

Link to Your Five-Day Twitter Action Plan amazon bookpage

Review | Eclectic: Ten Very Different Tales | Jonathan Hill

I downloaded Eclectic as a freebie some time ago. I was looking on a Kindle free listing site this morning and saw that this title was on offer for free again today. I remembered that I'd already downloaded it and as I haven't read any short stories for a while thought I would give Eclectic a go. 

In the forward to Eclectic, author Jonathan Hill says: "At times you may laugh or cry, or be moved, shocked, surprised or stimulated to think. Mostly, though, I hope you enjoy the variety in this collection". I thought the first part of this was a bit on the ambitious side. However, from what I'd read of the book-page sample I thought it was likely I would enjoy reading it and I did. What surprised me was that the remainder of the author's intentions came about too.

Made me laugh:
Modern Art
Meet Maureen on a visit to a popular exhibition of Modern Art. Or maybe not. Laugh aloud.
The Ornithologist
You could really imagine this happening - very funny.
Doctor, Doctor
This is the poem in the collection - hahaha.
Almost made me cry:
Thomas Turner's Talk
I hope the hint of kindness at the end marks a turning point for Thomas but I don't think it will. So real - the best story in the collection I thought.
The Last Laugh
Not what I was expecting at the end at all and it made me read the whole story all over again.
Black and White
A neat twist at the end.
Stimulated to think:
Till Death Us Do Part
Sensitive and poignant and leaves you wondering what you would be like in the same circumstances.
Game Over
I could see the ending coming and when it did it left me wondering if it was right or just a stereotype….and I'm still wondering.

This is a collection of short stories (and a poem) that lives up to its title. Most are well written and demonstrate an ability by the author to construct a neat and well rounded little tale. I didn't like The Hotel and House Full so much. The Hotel because it wasn't as sharp and precise in the writing as the others in the collection; House Full because there wasn't enough in the story to explain the ending. But the other 8 stories in the collection are really good.

Jonathan Hill says that this is his first book and it was published in June this year. It is certainly a good start to his writing career. There is another book about Maureen the star of Modern Art published a few weeks ago. I've just downloaded Maureen Goes to Venice and if it's only half as funny as her trip to the Art Exhibition it should be hilarious.

Review | Playing for Keeps | Kate Perry

I downloaded Playing for Keeps by Kate Perry as a freebie but it seems to be free all the time so I'm not sure if it's an indie published title or not. Anyway, I've read it so I might as well write some comments on it even if it's not indie-published. Playing for Keeps is very quick, easy reading romantic fiction. On the whole it's very predictable but the main character, Grace Connor, is sufficiently interesting to keep you with the story. The other characters are well developed too and this contributes to making the novel a pleasant and enjoyable read.

Grace has two sisters that she's been taking care of since the unfortunate early demise of their mother. Dad is an ex-marine and he needs looking after too so Grace doesn't have a great deal of time for herself. She then gets lumbered with planning a wedding for one of the sisters and the demands on Grace stack up even more. There is however an emerging love interest for Grace with some sexy scenes and relationship challenges.

There are a few quirky characters and a rather risqué hen-night which are amusing but I found the hints at using the "F" word with for example "effing" very irritating. I wish the author had either used the actual language the particular character would have used or left it out altogether.

Each chapter starts with a quote from The Art of War by Sun Tzu which I found very interesting. I'd heard of this book before but never read it and so with the wonders of Kindle downloaded it for £0.77p.

Overall I thought that Playing for Keeps was a well written example of the genre and ideal for a beach read or for a cold, wet night when you don't want to watch TV.