How to Get Started on Twitter Your Five-Day Twitter Action Plan | Andrew Knowles

Usually I write comments and reviews about fiction ebooks but I do download non-fiction from time to time. How to Get Started on Twitter Your Five-Day Twitter Action Plan by Andrew Knowles is too good not to mention.

I've looked at Twitter on several occasions and could make no sense of it whatsoever. Everything I was reading about book promotion was telling me that Twitter was the bees' knees. But I just didn't get it. And then I saw as a free download on the Kindle Your Five-Day Twitter Action Plan. Well that looked like there was nothing to loose so I downloaded it and had a quick look through. It seemed to take a sensible approach so I decided to put it into action. It took me six days actually but if you check out my link you'll see that this book works.

Yes, the book really does do what it says it will. If, like me, you haven't got a clue with Twitter this book will make it happen for you. I totally 100% recommend this book. If you or your granny or anyone else you know wants to get started with Twitter and are motivated to try, if you follow the Five-Day programme I'm sure you will be able to do it. My motivation was for book promotional purposes but in fact it is really good fun and I look forward to the time I spend checking things out on the Twitter web-site. You have to be careful as you can find yourself spending too much time on it. I really recommend Your Five-Day Twitter Action Plan by Andrew Knowles if you want to get started on Twitter. And if you do decide to get tweeting, please follow me @spurwing_  (don't miss out the underscore  _ though).

Link to Your Five-Day Twitter Action Plan amazon bookpage