Review | Death of the Author | Matt Rubinstein

The blurb on the Amazon book-page tells you everything you need to know about Death of the Author by Matt Rubinstein.

  • serial killers
  • thriller
  • literary theory
  • writers' festival
  • gruesome
  • homage
  • rumours
  • prey
  • darkness
  • pastiche
  • gore
  • dark humour
  • metadiscourse

If you enjoy reading gory, detailed murder thrillers this book has got the lot. As the blurb explains Death of the Author interweaves a search for a serial killer with chapters from each of the books written by the authors who fall victim to "The Reader".

Rachel Stern is a talented Multiple Homicide Writer and it's her search for "The Reader" accompanied by Police Investigator Caitlin Archer which is at the core of the book. The novel is set in Adelaide which appears to have a propensity for multiple homicides and it is at the Adelaide fiction festival for writers in the genre where the murders take place.

I thought the plot was clever and I really liked the juxtaposition of the main story with the cutaways to the featured novelists. Much as I enjoyed reading this novel for the plot and story-line, the writing style made it a particularly good read. The style is clear and crisp, full of variety and sharp descriptive passages. It's not a quick and easy read but it's well worth investing the time to read it.

I've only one negative comment to make and that's that the links for the Table of Contents don't seem to work: which is a pity because when I started reading it I needed to go back a couple of times to check things out and had to flick through the whole book to get where I wanted to be. Oh! Just like a tree-book.

Overall Death of the Author is a very well written, highly readable serial killer thriller with much more than a literary "twist". Highly recommended.

Link to the author's page on and with details of the book.

December 14th Update

Through the wonders of tweeting, the author let me know that the Table of Contents issue had been sorted out in future downloads. Viva kindle!