Review | Playing for Keeps | Kate Perry

I downloaded Playing for Keeps by Kate Perry as a freebie but it seems to be free all the time so I'm not sure if it's an indie published title or not. Anyway, I've read it so I might as well write some comments on it even if it's not indie-published. Playing for Keeps is very quick, easy reading romantic fiction. On the whole it's very predictable but the main character, Grace Connor, is sufficiently interesting to keep you with the story. The other characters are well developed too and this contributes to making the novel a pleasant and enjoyable read.

Grace has two sisters that she's been taking care of since the unfortunate early demise of their mother. Dad is an ex-marine and he needs looking after too so Grace doesn't have a great deal of time for herself. She then gets lumbered with planning a wedding for one of the sisters and the demands on Grace stack up even more. There is however an emerging love interest for Grace with some sexy scenes and relationship challenges.

There are a few quirky characters and a rather risqué hen-night which are amusing but I found the hints at using the "F" word with for example "effing" very irritating. I wish the author had either used the actual language the particular character would have used or left it out altogether.

Each chapter starts with a quote from The Art of War by Sun Tzu which I found very interesting. I'd heard of this book before but never read it and so with the wonders of Kindle downloaded it for £0.77p.

Overall I thought that Playing for Keeps was a well written example of the genre and ideal for a beach read or for a cold, wet night when you don't want to watch TV.