Everything is Free | Adele Ward

If you were looking for a free book to download for your Kindle and you saw a title like this you'd be bound to stop and take a second look wouldn't you?

I read the whole of the sample of Everything is Free on the Amazon site; downloaded it straight away and continued reading for the next hour.

What a marvellous novel. It's superbly well crafted; challenging and thought provoking; and with a story so engaging you really have to force yourself to stop reading and go and do other things.

Nineteen year old Mel is homeless and looking for somewhere to stay. She goes to the Greenvale Shopping Centre and what happens next is a truly amazing story.

You get to know Mel and the characters that congregate at the Greenvale for work, leisure and shopping; each is beautifully drawn and you feel that you know them personally. The entire world is here in microcosm; I think there must be one of nearly every type of person who exists. Well maybe not quite but this character list is full, varied, vivid and real.

I don't know if the Greenvale actually exists; probably not but you'll have been to somewhere very similar. The scenes that take place away from the shopping centre are equally convincing and described with photographic clarity. You get such a good sense of where you are in every aspect of this novel.

I thought Everything is Free was exceptionally good: interesting, unusual and very well written. The book tackles some difficult issues as well as the homelessness that you're told about in the blurb but it isn't preachy or heavy handed. I shall give it five stars on the Amazon site, would give it more if I could and highly recommend it.