The Crew | Dougie Brimson

I'm not sure if The Crew is an indie published book but it always seems to be free on Kindle so I thought I would give it a go. I wasn't sure if a book about football hooligans was really my thing but an average of four stars from 295 reviewers is impressive. 

Anyway I loved it. 

This is straight-forward good cops v. bad guys and the leader of the good cops, Paul Jarvis, is totally credible, engaging and real. The bad guys are The Crew: violence-loving, foul-mouthed football supporters lead by Billy Evans. Top man Billy is an authentic and believable thug, villain and cop-killer. 

This book moves at a ferocious pace and is a real page turner. 

Amazingly, as the story unfolds you find some sympathy for some of the football supporting hooligans and even more for the out-witted cops. 

Sharp, spare writing moves the action along fast and at the end of the book there's only one thing you want to do and that's to download the sequel Top Dog which isn't free but hopefully will be as good as The Crew.