Playground Cool by Jamie Sinclair

After reading The 24 Hour Jazz Café by Jamie Sinclair (see previous post) I downloaded Playground Cool and it’s been sitting in my WTBR folder for several months. I’ve started it once or twice before and couldn’t get into it but this time I did and really enjoyed reading it.

Playground Cool is a book about relationships and what happens when people stop talking to each other.

Three young women are in relationships: the first is over but she wants it back; the second is over and she can’t get it back; the third hasn’t got one and adamantly thinks she neither wants nor needs one.

Three young men are in those relationships: one is over and he wishes it wasn’t; one is over and he thinks he’s glad but he isn’t; one is determined to have a relationship.

Complicated? Well yes, at first, but as you get to know the characters things fall into place. Complicated? Well yes because there’s another young woman who wants a relationship with one of the men; and another young man who wants a relationship with one of the women. Complicated? Er…. Yes because some of the characters know each other and some don’t know each other at all.

However author Jamie Sinclair is firmly in control of the whole situation and leads all his characters to a very satisfying conclusion and everything works out even though one of the young men ends up with metaphorical egg on his face.

Playground Cool hasn’t got the dark political angle of The 24 Hour Jazz Café but it shares the clear, direct writing style that worked so well in that novel. It’s very funny in places and highly entertaining throughout particularly related to the detailed observation that comes with some of the scene setting and context creation. 

It would make great holiday reading and is well worth a look.

You can find details of all Jamie Sinclair’s books on his author page at Amazon UK or Amazon USA.