Best Wishes for 2014

I've been writing this book blog for nearly two years and in that time I've read some fantastic indie books. 

In 2013 the highlights were: 

Travels in Elysium by William Azuski: "what a masterly trick the author plays with time and how cleverly he uses it to take the reader into other worlds with complete conviction and credibility".

My Grandfather's Eyes B.A.Spicer: "a novel of the very highest quality and well deserving of five stars or more".

600 Miles - A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure: " full of unexpected developments and at times tense, exciting and shocking".

Beyond Eclectic by Jonathan Hill: "sometimes amusing even laugh aloud funny, sometimes macabre and sinister, sometimes poignant and sad: another great collection of short stories"

Make a Joyful Noise by Jenny Worstall: "an ideal holiday book .... pleasant and easy to read".

A big thank you to
  • All the authors who wrote such great material especially the ones that were offered for free.
  • Everyone who has written a review for one of our books.
  • All the visitors to my Blog especially the ones who left a comment. 

Very best wishes for 2014.


Happy Christmas!

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Since I've been writing this Blog I've read some fantastic indie books and I hope you've got time to check out some of my reviews and take a look at the books on the Amazon Kindle store.

Thanks for reading my Blog and hope you have a very happy Christmas.

Best wishes,


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