Hailstones in May by Laurie Maitland

One of the great things about ebooks is that they're always available unless the author decides to un-publish for some reason.

I first read Hailstones in May by Laurie Maitland in August 2012 but am publishing my review again in case you missed it first time round.

Meanwhile Hailstones in May has been collecting some more reviews in the Kindle Store and now has seventeen that are mainly five stars.

I enjoyed reading The Ganesha Keystone by Laurie Maitland and was looking forward to Hailstones in May which did not disappoint. It is a very well constructed novel with full, rounded characters and an interesting and engaging story-line.

The protagonist is Maggie, a middle aged, middle class mother of two teenagers living in North London in the 1990's. I really enjoyed reading about their hectic, sometimes dysfunctional, lifestyle and the novel explores a number of serious issues in a light-hearted, amusing manner.

In The Ganesha Keystone you meet Simon (the boyfriend) who is a really obnoxious character but he is surpassed in this novel by Chris (Maggie's ex-husband) who is even more obnoxious just smothered over with charm. Chris isn't the only well written character in this novel. Maggie and her two children, Adam and Samantha, plus a cast of interesting supporting characters are what make this novel so enjoyable to read.

It is fascinating to observe Maggie's development as the story progresses and she faces up to the challenges of her life. In some ways this is predictable in the circumstances but there are some unexpected twists in this story which make you re-appraise Maggie and the choices she has made.

Altogether Hailstones in May is a thoroughly good read which I recommend to anyone who wants to lose themselves in a book for a few hours.

You can find details of both Laurie Maitland's books on her Amazon Author Page

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