Nine Lives by Terry Tyler

I finished Nine Lives by Terry Tyler a bit before Christmas. This week I'm catching up with my outstanding reviews which is a word (in a different context) I'm happy to ascribe to this collection of short stories.

I "e-met" Terry Tyler on Twitter when she became the first person to actually "speak" to me in a tweet which as a tyro tweeter threw me completely. Subsequently, of course, I read many of her tweets and clicked links to her books on several occasions but never actually got round to downloading one.

Then, the more people I followed the fewer times I got to see her tweets and the moment passed. That was until a few weeks ago when on the day she launched Nine Lives I was looking at Twitter, saw her promotional tweet, downloaded the book immediately, started reading it and didn't stop until it was finished.

I really enjoyed reading this collection: each of the stories is very different to the rest; a couple are satisfyingly predictable; one has an unexpected ending in the final sentence; and they are all entertaining and make for a good read.

What I love is Terry Tyler's style: it's chatty and intimate like a friend gossiping with you over a coffee. And it's so down-to-earth. She's got such a good understanding of human nature and what makes the world go round and she draws on this to great effect in her characterisation.

Many of the stories are set in a recent past that is very familiar and the author beautifully evokes an era with a few well-chosen details and observations.

If you haven't read Nine Lives yet, I highly recommend it.

I got my copy of Nine Lives for free but as soon as it was finished I downloaded What It Takes which has shown that the talent Terry Tyler displays in her short story writing is even greater in her extended writing: but more of that later.

You can get details of all Terry Tyler's books on her Amazon author page and her highly entertaining blog is well worth a look too.