Lemon and Lace by Jenny Worstall

I like reading books by Jenny Worstall and I thought I'd read all her currently published titles until I realised I'd downloaded one of her short story collections, Lemon and Lace, and overlooked reading it.

It's a collection of three short stories that, as I've come to expect from Jenny Worstall, explores aspects of relationships within families. 

I think this might be her best collection yet and I really enjoyed reading all three stories.

Forever is a generational story set in the context of caring for an elderly relative. Although very short, I think it was one of the most moving stories I've read for a long time with a perfect happy ending.

The second story in the collection is Waiting which explores the feelings of a woman who has been bereaved and is finding it difficult to move on. An unexpected accident is her emotional turning point which leads on to a lovely happy ending.

Finally, Lemon and Lace explores relationship difficulties in the life of a young couple with a small child in the context of a domestic tiff and its resolution.

The author's personal background in music and music teaching once again shines through these stories giving them their own unique qualities. Jenny Worstall has developed a lovely writing style which conveys deep emotions with elegant simplicity.

Lemon and Lace is a charming set of stories which has a wonderfully optimistic feel and it certainly brightened my day.

I downloaded a free copy of Lemon and Lace from Smashwords and it's also available on Amazon.

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