Owned by Jess C. Scott

Owned by Jess C. Scott is a collection of six psychological crime short stories. I was asked to read the book by the author and downloaded a free copy from Smashwords.

I enjoy reading short stories but some of the subject matter in this collection is outside my usual reading taste.

And that's the great thing about ebooks - especially indie ebooks - you can quite often find yourself reading a new writer; an unfamiliar genre; or a book published in a different country to your own and find that you enjoy reading it and your life is enhanced as a result.

So, back to Owned.

The stories are united by one theme: Revenge. 

And in every case, the reader is on the side of the avenger because the perpetrator is a truly awful person. The abusive father; the rapist; the murderous boyfriend; the cruel animal killer; the untrustworthy therapist; the Internet bully: all get their just desserts, usually in a spectacularly gory manner.

The writing is interesting, almost experimental in places, and the author has explored several contrasting styles to provide a short story collection which is varied, entertaining and sustains the reader's interest. 

However, some of these stories are purposeful with an intrinsic message. I think this works best in Skins which challenges the use of animals in fashion and furnishings and in Owned which addresses the damage that can be done by the cyber-powerful against innocent victims.

The book concludes with a preview of Jess C Scott's Playmates - Book 1 of the Wilde Twins series. 

I would recommend you download a copy of Owned if it's still available for free and see what you think. 

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You can read more about Jess C. Scott and all her other books on her website: http://www.jessink.com/