Ravenfold by Kath Middleton

Ravenfold is an historical novel set in the Middle Ages which tells the story of a beautiful young girl, Romelda Bolt, who is forced into an arranged marriage with the Lord of the Manor for family advantage. 

When Sir Oswald turns out to be a duplicitous brute who gives little advantage to the family and none at all to Romelda, the stage is set for an intriguing tale of Mediaeval brutality, lust and murder.

The construction of the story is fascinating as it evolves as a bed-time story for the grand-children of a later Lord of the Manor in the absence of their parents. The reader shares with the two young children the highs and lows of Romelda's life and times and comes to an understanding, as they do, of the significance of the tale.

The contrast between childhood then and childhood now couldn't be starker and Grandfather pulls no punches in telling the tale in all its gory details. At times you can smell the odours of animals and unwashed humans; see the blood; hear the cries of pain and the juvenile audience is spared none of it. Indeed, some of the principal characters are little more than children before they are pushed into the adult world of power, greed, lust and violence.

I enjoyed reading Ravenfold and particularly liked the way author Kath Middleton created a sense of the era so well. An unusual and gripping historical novel; highly recommended.

You can download Ravenfold for Kindle at Amazon.

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