Why give a book five stars?

Thanks to everyone who said they liked my re-vamp of Indie Bookworm.

I only review ebooks to which I've given five and occasionally four star reviews. I always read the free sample of an ebook before downloading it so now rarely start reading a book I don't enjoy. And if I'm not enjoying reading it, I stop. Life's too short to spend time reading books that are not compelling - apart from War and Peace which I've been trying to read for about a year and am determined to finish one day.

And that's my main criterion for five stars: compelling.

Enthralling, captivating, gripping, engrossing, riveting, absorbing, fascinating, thrilling, unputdownable, convincing, persuasive, plausible, credible, effective.

In other words: I had difficulty putting the book down to go and do other things; I kept thinking about the book while I was away from it; I continued to think about the book once I'd finished reading it.

Compelling is how I would describe the previous book I reviewed, FAG by Jonathan Hill and it's how I describe the book I've just finished reading, North: A Post-Apocalyptic Journey by G.P. Grewal.

Hope you've got time to take a look at the free samples of each book available in the Amazon Kindle store.

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