Aphrodite's Curse by Luciana Cavallaro

I've enjoyed reading Luciana Cavallaro's interesting and informative Blog for several months. It's packed full of antiquities and gives fascinating insights into the Ancient World. I've re-discovered many old stories first heard during school days and learned some new ones as well.

Aphrodite's Curse is part of a series of short stories about renowned women from Ancient Greek History. It's told in the first person from the point of view of Phaedra who is on her deathbed.

Phaedra describes and explains her own life and digresses into several other stories too.

The book is a well written, readable and very engaging re-telling of the story. I liked the friendly, down to earth voice of the narrator who makes no attempt to disguise the harsh realities of Greek life in that era.

The other women chosen for the series are: Helen of Troy; Hera Queen of the Gods; Pandora; and Medousa. You can download each title separately or buy the boxed set Accursed Women.

I enjoyed reading Aphrodite's Curse so much I downloaded Accursed Women which I'll be reading as soon as time allows. Watch this space!

Click here for details of all the books in the series on the author's website or here for her Amazon author page.