The Tell - A Memoir by Mags Karn

The Tell isn't my usual sort of reading but one of the best things about Kindle ebooks is the ease with which you can visit countries, cultures, societies and sub-cultures that you wouldn't necessarily find in your local public library or bookstore.

The Tell is set in the U.S.A. but is pertinent to contemporary Britain with its catalogue of high-profile child abuse stories on the News. This book is a disturbing story of child abuse but set within a family context and it's not a story of parental abuse but of abuse by one sibling towards another.

I found the exploration of inter-continental adoption in The Tell as fascinating and revealing as the main focus of the account.

It's a moving and heart-breaking story of family tragedy and conflict told with a refreshing frankness but without sentimentality.

Author Mags Karn has shared her family's story because she wants to raise awareness of the controversial subject of sibling abuse and this is accomplished without sensationalising the issue.

The narrative is direct and straightforward and draws the reader into what is an increasingly disturbing and saddening account. However The Tell concludes on a note of optimism and one can only hope that the author and her family are able to build on this and look forward to the future together. 

Not an emotionally easy read but certainly worth it.

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