A Raucous Time (Celtic Cousins' Adventures Book 1) by Julia Hughes

I enjoyed reading A Raucous Time by Julia Hughes. It's an adventure - mystery - thriller - historical novel with a fast paced plot, some unexpected twists and turns and several engaging characters.

The novel introduces the Celtic Cousins of the title - Rhyllann and Wren.

Teenager Wren has discovered an old diary which he thinks will provide the clue to the location of King John's long-lost treasure. A Raucous Time tells the story of Wren and cousin Rhyllann's attempts to locate the treasure despite countless obstacles that get in the way.

The historical thread in the story is fascinating and provides the context and motivation for all that follows. A Raucous Time is based on the true story of King John's Treasure which was lost in 1216 in the Norfolk area of The Wash and has never been seen since - until now!

I particularly enjoyed the characterisation of Rhyllann and Wren. They are two very different individuals but their relationship is close and this is explored throughout the book. They share an overwhelming sense of loyalty to each other and this carries them through the challenges they have to overcome as the story unfolds.

However, the star of the novel must be Detective Inspector Crombie. This character's development and the intricacies of his relationship with Rhyllann and Wren is the backbone of the book. Taciturn, down-to-earth, idiosyncratic and courageous he joins the ranks of all the good fiction detectives as he aids and obstructs the Celtic Cousins in pursuit of their goals.

The teenage protagonists of A Raucous Time would probably make this book of particular appeal to readers of that age. It is an enjoyable, light, escapist novel which would be absolutely ideal for chilly, winter evenings when you just want to get lost in a book. 

I downloaded A Raucous Time as a free book from Smashwords and it is also available in the Amazon Kindle Store. You can find details of all Julia Hughes' books on her website and on her author page at Amazon and Smashwords.