Another Blogs Roundup

I've had my tour around the blogs of my favourite indie authors today and found some interesting, informative and entertaining posts.

Wendy Percival, author of Blood-Tied, has published a new Esme Quentin mystery novel. The Indelible Stain is available in the Amazon Kindle Store and there are details here and on the author's website.

The closing date has passed for the September short story writing competition at The Cult of Me Blog but already there are details of a new competition for October. You can check out the details here. In addition there's an interview with author Marilyn Peake, an introduction to writer Lynne Stringer's blog and lots of samples of interesting writing.

If you've read my blog before you'll know how impressed I was by Saskia Tepe's moving account of her own and her mother's lives, described so sensitively in Surviving Brigitte's Secrets: A Holocaust Survivor. Her Daughter. Two Traumatic Journeys. Saskia Tepe's blogpost this week Memorial Archive brings the story to a close as she explains what she's done with the documents her mother saved from all those years ago.

I enjoyed reading Apocalypse: Diary of a Survivor by Matt J.Pike and wrote a review of the book a couple of weeks ago. An interesting aspect of Matt Pike's ebooks are that they contribute to fund-raising to support research into Rett's Syndrome. I discovered his website and blog a few days ago which is described as "Creating sci-fi worlds while raising money to find a cure for Rett's Syndrome". As well as promo pieces about the books there's information about Rett's Syndrome and you meet the author's daughter, Abby, who has the condition. There's a lovely short story on the front page at the moment Royal Etiquette Takes Time and don't miss this post in the blog section.

I read the excellent novella Ravenfold by Kath Middleton earlier in the year and recently came across her website and blog. If you want to explore the connection between writing novels and growing tomatoes check out this entertaining and informative blogpost.

I've read several books by Bev - B.A. - Spicer including the hilarious Bunny on a Bike and I've got A Good Day for Jumping in my Kindle WTBR folder. Bev Spicer Writer is a great blog which features entertaining accounts of her life and experiences along with excerpts from her books. Don't miss her account of a night-walk in France!

And if you enjoy a walk down Memory Lane you might like to take a stroll along Fleet Street in the 1970s.