Around the Blogs

In my previous Blogs Roundup post I mentioned indie author Jonathan Hill's new website and blog. His many fans know that he is an enthusiastic drabbler but does everyone know he's got a Reviews Blog where all the entries are drabbles? Well worth checking out if you want some quick reads and good reviews.

Saskia Tepe, author of Surviving Brigitte's Secrets, has posted an interesting link to an exhibition dealing with the reasons why people move willingly, or by force, from their homeland to begin a new life amongst strangers. It's on her blog at

I read Nigel Bird's novel In Loco Parentis and some of his short stories some while ago but it was only recently that I came across his blog Sea Minor - creating waves in the world of fiction. He writes interesting and insightful book reviews. I particularly enjoyed a post he wrote in mid-August: Voices Of Battle-Scarred America from The Edinburgh International Book Festival which got me looking at writing by Willy Vlautin. I've ordered Vlautin's Lean on Pete from my local public library and am looking forward to reading it.

I rarely pay more than £2.99 for an ebook with the notable exception of Travels in Elysium by William Azuski so still borrow paper books from the public library from time to time. The last one was The Valley by Richard Benson which is a wonderful book but in hardback weighs a ton and costs £20.

Author William Azuski's publisher, Iridescent Publishing, has a News section on the website which includes interesting photographs matched with segments from Travels in Elysium. It also links to an eclectic mix of quirky and unusual news stories including this extraordinary report in The Guardian asserting that readers absorb less on Kindles than they do when reading paper books.

 A sample of 50 readers was divided into two groups. One group read a story on paper and the other read the same story on a Kindle. After reading the story all the readers in the sample were tested on various aspects of the story. The outcome was that those who'd read the paper copy performed much better in the tests. What amazes me is that of the 25 readers using a Kindle only two were experienced in its use. I'm not a scientist but there's no way you could call this a fair test. Anyway, thanks for that Iridescent Publishing; it certainly got me going for a while.

Indie author Michael Brookes has written some awesome horror stories. I've read The Cult of Me and Conversations in the Abyss and have Faust 2.0 in my WTBR folder. Michael Brookes is also a prolific blogger and his Cult of Me Blog is always a good read. If you're a writer don't miss his monthly short story writing competition. The closing date for September is imminent; more details here.

And finally, if you don't know about Smashwords you might find this blogpost helpful: How to get a free Smashwords reader account.