Many of my favourite indie authors publish regular blogposts. Here are links to some of the good posts I've read recently.

Jonathan Hill is the author of the Maureen novellas, several collections of short stories and Fag, his debut novel, which has received considerable critical acclaim in recent weeks. His web-site is at and his most recent blog post links to a fascinating interview he's had at Katherine's Corner book website which he says is his most personal interview yet.   Jonathan Hill is such an interesting writer who has demonstrated great ability in each of the books he's published. Click here for Jonathan Hill's author page at Amazon.

I reviewed Aphrodite's Curse by Luciana Cavallaro a few days ago and mentioned how much I enjoyed reading her blog. Her latest classical history post is Reviled and Ostracised: The Plight of Women which explores the role of Helen of Troy in The Iliad. I love this blog: it's so well written and you learn such a lot. Click here for Luciana Cavallaro's author page at Amazon.

Terry Tyler writes "contemporary drama and romantic suspense, with the occasional bit of rock fiction thrown in" according to her author profile at Amazon. I really enjoyed reading What It Takes and her collection of short stories, Nine Lives. If you want a good laugh you should read Terry Tyler's hilarious blogpost A quick guide to Twitter bios...  which contains some good advice especially if, like me, you're still finding your way round Twitter. Click here for Terry Tyler's author page at Amazon.

If you enjoy family history and haven't yet read Blood-Tied by Wendy Percival it really is a must-read. The author writes a fascinating blog at and if you want to know what a Saggar Makers Bottom Knocker is check out her most recent post BottomKnockers and Death in the Ironbridge Gorge. Click here for Wendy Percival's author page at Amazon.

I reviewed Saskia Tepe's account of her own and her Holocaust survivor mother's lives recently. I think Surviving Brigitte's Secrets is one of the most moving personal accounts I've ever read. As I explained in my review, Saskia Tepe writes a fascinating blog at she records and documents her new investigations and discoveries about her family story. Her post this week explains about some recent information she has acquired and where it takes her in understanding her mother's life more. Research Pays Off  is a particularly poignant title in this context. Click here for Saskia Tepe's author page at Amazon.

And finally, if you're old enough to remember the fifties you might enjoy School Dinners and the Twelve O'Clock Buzzer at Cabbage and Semolina: Memories of a 1950s childhood.