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Many of my favourite indie authors publish regular blogposts. Here are links to some of the good posts I've read this week. (I like the way Amazon has changed the Author Pages feature. Click the writer's name for a link straight to their Author Page for details of all their books.)

Don't miss the latest post at Bev Spicer Writer because there are details of how you can get a free copy of her short story Peaches in the Attic FREE until 11th October. I've just read it and it's a great quick read.

You might have already read Maureen Goes to Venice by Jonathan Hill but if you look closely at the photo captions on his latest blogpost, there's a hint of where she might be going on holiday next year.

Plus there's a new clutch of 100 Word Reviews here.

The latest blogpost at Eternal Atlantis, Luciana Cavallaro's website, is about Homer's Iliad. She starts by reflecting that its 3000 year legacy is an amazing achievement and one which Homer probably didn't envisage. As always the post is informative and entertaining and, whether your Classics is from schooldays or later, well worth a look.

I thought the story of Surviving Brigitte's Secrets: A Holocaust Survivor. Her Daughter. Two Traumatic Journeys had come to an end when I read Saskia Tepe's previous blogpost. Well now there is a further, rather amazing, development which she's written about here.

Does Michael Brookes ever sleep? His Cult of Me Blog is bursting with book excerpts, commentaries, interviews and his monthly short story writing competition. I noticed that Kath Middleton, author of Message in a Bottle, won second prize in the September competition with a macabre little tale entitled Arbow's Notebook. You can read it and the other winners' stories here.

I can sympathise with anyone who wants to throw Virginia Woolf's Orlando across the room but Kath Middleton wants to throw a few more books as well. She explains why in this blogpost. She's also written a fascinating piece about The Lost Metaphor here.

Julia Hughes is working on the third in the The Griffin Riders' Chronicles series and her most recent blogpost features an excerpt from this work in progress. You can find it here.

If you can't make up your mind about Kindle Unlimited, I've shared my thoughts here but so far, for me, the jury's still out. 

Thanks for reading my blog and hope you've time to check out some of these fantastic Indie Authors on their own sites.