Peaches in the Attic by B. A. Spicer

Peaches in the Attic by B. A. Spicer is a short story which I downloaded as a freebie and enjoyed reading.

I've already read several books by this author and know that she writes well.

Peaches in the Attic is almost a fairy story but it's got a twist. It merges reality with a child's story sessions with Grandma and in places it feels like fantasy and at times a bit like a ghost story. The lines are blurred and the unexpected ending leaves the reader feeling slightly uneasy.

There's some lovely descriptive writing and in places the spirit of childhood is beautifully encapsulated.

A very enjoyable quick read which is on a free special offer until 11th October (2014) so I would grab it now while you can!

Check out the author's Blog or Author Page at Amazon for the links to the book.

After I'd finished reading Peaches in the Attic I looked to see what else B.A. Spicer has published that I haven't read. 

I've got A Good Day for Jumping in my WTBR Folder but liked the look of Strings which is sub-titled "something big is about to happen…" 

It's another short story which mixes Science Fiction with some very plausible astro-physics. I don't know if it's true but it certainly reads most convincingly.

Professor Madeleine Happer is on to something. She's evolving an idea which takes String Theory to a new level. Unfortunately her husband thinks she's over-doing it because he has to listen to her talking in her sleep. What's going on? You'll have to read it for yourself and see!

I really enjoyed the contrast between Madeleine's home life and her discovery. Hopefully her husband is right and she needs to see a doctor but if Madeleine's right this is one scary story.

Another very enjoyable quick read with book links on the author's blog or her Amazon Author page.

I've read some fantastic indie ebooks over the last couple of years of which Bunny on a Bike (humorous memoir of a Playboy croupier) by Bev Spicer is one of the best. I'm re-posting my review in case you missed it.

When I first saw the title of this book I really laughed aloud; the image that it conjured up of a Playboy Bunny Girl riding a bicycle was hilarious. When I was growing up in the Swinging Sixties the Bunny Girl was the epitome of glamour and sophistication. This book certainly blows the lid off that idea!

I thought it would be an amusing book to read and it certainly was. But it's more than just a 'fun' read. Author Bev Spicer has created a wonderfully detailed picture of the Playboy world of the 1980s but Bunny on a Bike is also a charming evocation of that time in life when you think you can do anything you want and get away with it.

Carol and Bev are starting out and have no idea what they want to do to earn a living until they stumble into a job opportunity to train as croupiers for the international Playboy empire. The story of their initiation into that world is fascinating and often hilarious but at times you share their frustration and gathering unwillingness to participate further.

The era is the 1980s which is explored in many aspects throughout the book. The efforts by the two girls to find somewhere reasonable to live takes you into the dark and seamy side of unregulated private landlords and you feel positively relieved when they escape and get decent accommodation.

There are some interesting supporting characters in this memoir that hopefully don't all recognise themselves. They help to create the sense of the era as well as providing back-up for the two women as they work their way through the demands of their training and some extremely unhealthy life style choices.

Bunny on a Bike is a light hearted and easy book to read. The writing style gives a strong sense that the writer is talking to you directly. I really enjoyed reading it and recommend it highly.

You can find details of this and Bev - B.A. - Spicer's other books on her Author Page at Amazon or on her Blog.