Hocus Pocus 14: Spooky Tales with a Twist

I have an acquaintance in Twitterland who is one of the authors of Hocus Pocus 14. She told me that this anthology of "mystical short stories for Hallowe'en" was available in the Kindle Store and although I'd missed Hallowe'en by a couple of days I downloaded it anyway and enjoyed reading it.

The book is an eclectic mix of short stories and anecdotes plus a couple of novellas themed around the supernatural. They’re all well written but some appealed more to my taste than others.

A couple of the stories are specifically about Hallowe'en; the others are spooky for any time of year. The book description says " Spooky rather than gory" and that's accurate. I would add spooky rather than terrifying which I was pleased about because I don't really like being terrified that much.

The book overall is light-hearted and easy to read and it kept this reader interested and engaged for a couple of hours of non-stop spooky entertainment.

I haven't read a showcase compilation before but as a result of reading Hocus Pocus 14: Spooky Tales with a Twist I'll be looking out for some of the contributors next time I'm browsing the Kindle Store.

Seed of Doubt by Adrienne Vaughan
Letter for Ray by Carolyn Mahony
Heaven Must be Missing an Angel by Jules Wake
The Last Leg by S A Edward
Lovespelled by Jane O’Reilly
Clarissa by Lynda Renham
Orange Blossom by Mary Jane Hallowell (short novella)
Jumping the Queue by Lizzie Lamb
Haunted House by Alison May
The Soul Stealer by Tina K. Burton
Green Man Rising by Litty Williams
Insubstantial Evidence by Tracy Burton
When Dreams Return by Debbie Flint (short novella)
Bonus Material -– true life spooky tales & poem.

Each story ends with links to other books and the author's website and social media contacts and seems to be a great way to find new writers that will appeal.

I borrowed the book on my Kindle Unlimited subscription. I still haven't decided if the subscription is a good idea or not (see post on another blog) but I think it might be an influence when making that decision whether to download or not. Either way Hocus Pocus 14: Spooky Tales with a Twist is very good value as it's only £0.99p.

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