Whom Evil Touches by D. E. Royce

Whom Evil Touches by D. E. Royce is a well-constructed murder mystery novel with a page turning plot and plenty of twists and turns.

The victim, Judy, has a difficult relationship with her husband, Will. When her body is found piece by piece Will is seen as the likely perpetrator. However, there is more to Judy's life than Will realises. Her colleagues at the bank are none too innocent either.

Several possible suspects are gradually whittled down to two and I thought I'd identified the murderer. Then events took an unexpected direction and I wasn't so sure. The reader is kept in suspense as to who the perpetrator actually is right until the end when all is suddenly revealed and an action packed, exciting final scene brings the story to a satisfying conclusion.

The characters in Whom Evil Touches are very convincing. The web of deceit and betrayal that permeates the plot brings out some of the worst aspects of human behaviour, not just by the murderer. Every character has an interesting back-story which is explored as the novel unfolds. Contrasting with this is a romantic sub-plot which weaves in and out of the main plot enriching and complicating Will's side of the story.

The police procedures are realistic and authentic and the police characters are interesting and engaging.

Dialogue is sharp and focussed driving the plot forward and making the novel real and convincing.

The setting for the novel is New England and it's not a part of the world I've any experience of whatsoever. Having finished reading Whom Evil Touches I feel as though I've been to live there for a while. The novel opens with a beautifully written section describing and explaining the area before moving smoothly into the story.

Throughout the novel there are descriptions of, for example, the landscape, the sky and sea, the weather which are like lovely paintings and it is no surprise to read in the author biography that D.E. Royce is an artist as well as a skilful writer.

I thought Whom Evil Touches was an interesting and original take on a novel which is a good example of its genre and I enjoyed reading it very much. You can sample and download Whom Evil Touches in the Kindle Store at Amazon UK or get more details from D.E. Royce's author page at Amazon.com.