Death Is Overrated by Jeffrey Perren

I've had Death is Overrated by Jeffrey Perren in my Waiting To Be Read Folder ever since I finished reading Clonmac's Bridge by the same author. 

It's the third novel by Jeffrey Perren that I've read and it shares with the others the author's intention to tell a good yarn. Unlike the others it isn't historical either in part (Clonmac's Bridge) or in whole (Cossacks in Paris) but just like the other two novels it has a wide ranging plot and a cast of unusual and original characters.

There is a dramatic opening scene where the main character, Professor Thomas Paine, is falsely identified as a corpse and has great difficulty proving his identity to the police. The situation is made more complex as Thomas is a visiting American Professor and the police force are in Wales.

An emerging romance between the Chief Inspector's daughter, Terri, and Thomas is thwarted at every turn by a conspiracy of competing interests including other academics and scientists and Thomas' own father.

Moving rapidly between Wales, Ireland and Scotland Thomas is determined to re-establish himself and find out the truth behind the allegations.

This is good escapist fiction ideal for holiday reading or whenever you want to get lost in a long, convoluted plot in which all the threads are skilfully tied up by the end.

I really enjoyed the author's descriptions of the various locations visited in the course of the story. I also liked the juxtaposition of the Welsh voices of some of the characters with the American English of Thomas and the narrator which gives the novel an interesting writing style which is sustained throughout the book.

I was delighted when earlier in the year Jeffrey Perren agreed to an interview for my bookblog and you can read his fascinating answers to my questions here.

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