Maureen's Christmas Carol by Jonathan Hill

Fans of Jonathan Hill's "Maureen" will be delighted to have another opportunity to read about her exploits in this newly published novella, Maureen's Christmas Carol.

As the title suggests Maureen is preparing to celebrate Christmas. Since losing Roy she has evolved into a thwarted and Scrooge-like character in her attitude to the Festive Season.

This latest novella from Jonathan Hill is a Maureen-specific take on the classic Dickens version of "A Christmas Carol" although the ending is rather less happy-ever-after than the original.

Maureen's lusty, sherry-fuelled encounter with Tiny Tim, the heating engineer, is Maureen at her hilarious, foot-in-mouth best.

The visits of the Three Spirits are three short stories worked into the structure of the novella. They reflect Jonathan Hill's masterly ability with the short story form that was demonstrated so well in Eclectic and Beyond Eclectic.

I liked the way the First Spirit illuminates Maureen's earlier life giving the reader insights into Maureen's past. This provides a surprising contrast with her more recent present explored in all the other novellas.

The Second Spirit leads Maureen to her local supermarket and her grumpy, clumsy self is an amusing counterpoint to the festivities although there is a lot of truth in what she thinks.

Finally, Maureen is presented with a vision of a futuristic hell and the Third Spirit advises her to make some serious changes to her life-style. This section reflects some of the more macabre tales in Jonathan Hill's short story collections and provides a very different sort of Maureen story.

Maureen's Christmas Carol is very engaging and readable. I got it as a free download so many thanks to Jonathan Hill for a generous pre-Christmas present.

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