Miss Peach's Dream by Jenny Worstall

Indie author Jenny Worstall published a new collection of short stories last week. Miss Peach's Dream is another charming collection which is the latest instalment in her "Quick Coffee Break Reads" series.

From the Amazon book page:

The first story introduces Miss Rosie Peach, a young teacher keen to sort out other people's problems. In 'Best Song in the World', Celia tries to intervene between her son and daughter-in-law; she has to revisit sad events in her own marriage in order to help the young couple. The heroine in 'The Lady with the Funny Hair' has had enough - after all, even a worm will turn in the end.

As I've come to expect now from Jenny Worstall, the stories are well written and pack into a relatively few words a full and complete story with an unusual or quirky aspect. I enjoyed reading all three and they certainly do what's on the tin and enhance your coffee break.

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