A Ripple in Time (Celtic Cousins' Adventures Book 2) by Julia Hughes

The first Celtic Cousins novel is A Raucous Time which I enjoyed reading several weeks ago. It introduces the two cousins of the series title, Rhyllann and Wren, who adventure through a sequence of escapades and an on/off relationship with the taciturn but kindly Detective Inspector Crombie. I liked these three main characters and wanted to read more about them so was looking forward to reading the second book in the series  A Ripple in Time.

Wren has made an uncanny psychic connection with Carina, a young woman emigrating to America one hundred years ago and consequently averts the Titanic's tragedy. This single ripple in time sparks a fire domino effect - an inferno that in the present day threatens to incinerate Europe. Determined to restore our world's timeline Wren tracks down Carina's great-granddaughter and they join forces for this seemingly impossible task. But then Wren makes a fatal mistake: he falls in love and if the Titanic suffers her original fate, the granddaughter will cease to exist.

It's true to say that A Ripple in Time wasn't quite what I was expecting. D.I. Crombie doesn't really feature at all other than through a couple of tangential references and the paranormal aspects of this novel are developed much more than in the first volume. However, I enjoyed reading the book and still found the characters of Rhyllann and Wren engaging and interesting. Author Julia Hughes has introduced a new main character, a young woman named Carrie, who is central to the storyline and proves to be the catalyst for much of the drama in the plot. There are some great supporting characters especially the dictatorial Gabriel and Carrie's eccentric Grandmother.

There are some good passages of descriptive writing which give the novel its sense of time and place and this is really important because the structure of the novel is extraordinary. The book description says that A Ripple in Time is "a paranormal time travel romantic adventure".

Time Travel
to which I would add

Is it possible to write a paranormal, romantic, historical, dystopian, mythical, mystery adventure novel? Yes, it most certainly is if you are Julia Hughes and you've published A Ripple in Time!

Several days after I finished reading the book I was still trying to unravel all the intricacies of the plotting. At times the writing is slightly tongue-in-cheek and I suspect the author enjoyed writing the book just as much as I've enjoyed reading it.

You can find details of this and all Julia Hughes' other books on her Amazon author page.

I noticed that Detective Inspector Crombie is back in the third Celtic Cousins' adventure An Explosive Time so I've downloaded it into my WTBR folder to read later in the year. Watch this space!