It's ages since I've had time to go blog visiting but I've been catching up today and what a treasure trove I've been reading.

First up is a new blog I've found from the creator of Coco Pinchard, Robert Bryndza. He's got a great series called Coco Pinchard Meets and the one that caught my eye was an interview with one of my favourite indie authors, Jonathan Hill. Some entertaining and informative Q&As and you get tea and cakes too.

Jonathan Hill's got a Happy New Year Authors' Resolutions piece from himself and several guest authors plus a word on the ubiquitous apostrophe.

To finish off 2014, Wendy Percival added a lovely story about her mum's 1948 Christmas at Family History Secrets.

The amazing Saskia Tepe is sending New Year Greetings from Australia in her new blog Saskia and Richard's RVing Adventures. She wrote a final poignant post on her Surviving Brigitte's Secrets: A Holocaust Survivor. Her Daughter.Two Traumatic Journeys Blog which if you've read her book you will really want to read. It's four months now since I read Surviving Brigitte's Secrets and I still think about it. A truly wonderful memoir.

If you're interested in the post WW2 era you might like this blogpost by my number one favourite indie author, Michael Murray: An Extraordinary Account of Resilience and Courage , a review of “Colourful Characters in a Bleak Landscape” by Giselle Birke.

There's an eclectic mix of posts at Iridescent Publishing's website but if you scroll down a few entries there's a very amusing apostrophe post.

Celtic Cousins' Adventures author Julia Hughes has news of Inspector Crombie and some up-dates on the Griffins at .

Jenny Worstall is linking to a book review of Thrift: The Misadventures of an Inadequate Teacher by Phil Church that she's written as a guest post on another blog at .

And finally, if you like infographics check out Lizzie Lamb's Annual Wordpress Report. I want one too!