Porcelain: A Novelette by William Hage

Porcelain is a horror novelette by William Hage in which an antique doll acquired by the narrator turns out to have some unexpected characteristics.

The book doesn't take long to read but long enough to make shivers go down your spine. The initial setting is an out-of-the-way B & B somewhat reminiscent of The Bates Motel in Psycho. The owner of The Whateley Bed and Breakfast is an elderly woman who seems pleasant enough on first meeting. However her motivation for agreeing to sell her beautifully crafted doll is much more sinister than at first apparent.

The story is well written, quite scary and completely plausible but I'll say no more about the plot not wishing to give anything away.

Although available separately, Porcelain is part of a collection of horror short stories, Counterphobia. I don't list horror stories as a genre I usually enjoy reading but I enjoyed Porcelain so much I downloaded Counterphobia straightaway and read it in one go.

I have a subscription to kindle unlimited and have read several blogposts recently (notably Mark Coker at Smashwords) expressing reservations about the concept. As a reader I'm finding that the subscription really facilitates reading new authors and new genres. Both Porcelain and Counterphobia are available in kindle unlimited and I suspect I wouldn't have read either of them otherwise.

Check out William Hage's website and Amazon Author Page for details of these and his other books and look out for my review of Counterphobia.