The Departure: a short story by Chris Jane

I read a novel by Chris Jane a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed reading it so much I immediately looked for something else by this author.

The Departure is available in Kindle Unlimited so I opted for that. It's a short story which starts where the film of The Graduate finishes. If you've ever wondered what happened next, this version gives a good idea; and it creates considerably more sympathy for Mrs Robinson than the original film.

The story is very well written and evolves the character of Benjamin from the point where he crashes out of the wedding through the next twenty four hours to a rather different ending than the film implies.

Chris Jane writes with a wonderful clarity and precision and this is demonstrated again in this short story. The author has recently published a collection of twenty short stories which I've downloaded already and am looking forward to reading.

You can find details of all books by Chris Jane at Amazon and the author's website.